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This is a prototype Wikibase project combining morphosyntactic and semantic annotation data for selected normalized texts from Oracc. The idea is that users can conduct linguistic investigations of the annotated corpus using the sparql query service. The morphosyntactic annotations largely derive from work discussed in Ong and Gordin 2024 and Luukko et. al. 2020. The semantic frame annotations are small in number and are generated using the FrameNetBrasil web annotation tool.

Linked open data is an ideal format for combining the annotation data relevant to high level syntactic and semantic structures, since there is currently no annotation tool or format that represents all the required data formats. At the same time, Wikibase-cloud is a convenient platform for hosting such linked open data due to its support for Lexemes, built-in sparql query service, and public accessibility. With annotations adhering to the formatting used in this Wikibase project (based on CONLLU and SQL database), other individuals can automatically have their own Wikibase-cloud instance built using scripts provided by me.

Ong and Gordin 2024: "Linguistic Annotation of Cuneiform Texts using Treebanks and Deep Learning,” Digital Scholarship in the Humanities; fqae002. DOI:

Luukko et. al. 2020: "Akkadian Treebank for early Neo-Assyrian Royal Inscriptions". In Proceedings of the 19th International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories, pages 124–134, Düsseldorf, Germany. Association for Computational Linguistics.